This past weekend, I upgraded the ports collection on my machine
(running 4.7, also updated at the same time).

When I came back in on Monday morning, mozilla failed with a segmentation
fault and galeon failed with a 'gnome has detected a crash' dialog.

I spent most of this past week verifying the ports I had were in fact up
to date (they were and are the most recent from the ports collection) and
that I did not have mozilla-fonts (or nucleus-fonts which also for some
reason includes files from /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/mozilla (and thus
triggered the 'BROKEN' behaviour of mozilla port until I removed
it) installed.

I compiled all of the ports with their 'default settings' except for the
following settings which I have added to make.conf


The reason for the PACKAGE_BUILDING/BATCH settings are because I prefer to
run the build unattended over the weekend when I am not at work and that
is the only way I've found to actually get things to build and not
dialogue prompt me.

The WITH_FULL_MOZILLA setting is because I wish to have both mozilla and
embed mozilla into galeon (and phoenix which I also tried and which also

Most specifically, I have not modified any of the architecture or
optimization flags which are the default.  My machine is a intel Celeron
(730.97 MHz 686-class)

Prior to this weekend, I had mozilla built this way and all was good,
including Xft fonts working.  (which seemed to be the suggestion when I
scanned the mailing list archives this morning trying to find out what was
wrong after rebuilding once again didn't resolve the issue).

In the course of trying to fix this, I have rebuilt EVERYTHING on my
machine using portupgrade -af with only a couple of failures which should
not affect this.

This failures were
        ! net/net-snmp4 (ucd-snmp-4.2.5_2)      (compiler error)
        * net/ethereal (ethereal-0.9.7)
        ! net/rdesktop-devel (rdesktop-1.2b1)   (failed to convert nil into String)
        ! x11/XFree86-4-clients (XFree86-clients-4.2.1_2)   (install error)

The failure of Xfree86-clients turned out to be x11perf and failing
because the code is looking for a 'core' member of the XftFont
structure.  However, nothing (according to greps of /var/db/pkg) depends
on XFree86-clients, so I don't believe that to be related.  The other
programs similarly have nothing which depends on them aside from listed

Any help or advice in getting this working again with Xft would be greatly
appreciated and it does seem that there is a problem there with the recent
code.  I'm more than willing to send people additional information to help
track down what's going on if they ask and let me know what information
they need.

Thanks in advance,


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