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> Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, 1:26 PM
> Hi,
> It is now more than eight months that i am not able to use
> FreeBSD. FreeBSD
> version 6.1 was the last.
> Back then trying to work with Eclipse and java on FreeBSD
> was quite tricky.
> Can anyone please tell me what the current status is? For
> example can i use
> ports to install everything and start working with Eclipse
> straight away...?
> Or
> is Linux a better option?
> What versions of FreeBSD and Eclipse would you recommend?
> Please feel free
> to provide with as much information as you want.

My advice is to install the following ports in the following order:  


eclipse-devel worked much better for me than did java/eclipse.  I also had 
trouble without getting jdk16 installed first.  It's been a while now, so I'm 
not exactly sure what all, but I think if you install those ports in that 
order, Eclipse will work for you.  You may also want to make a symlink from 
/usr/local/eclipse to /usr/local/eclipse-devel - this allows the Eclipse plugin 
ports to install properly.  Without it, they will not.  I've got several (Perl, 
Ruby, and a couple of others) installed from ports against eclipse-devel and 
they work fine once that symlink is in place.  

- mdh

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