On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 11:47:22AM -0800, Gary Kline wrote:
>       A couple of things may be related to this behavior. When I have
>       left my keyboard for more than a few hours, FreeBSD with X11
>       running KDE3 remains blanck/blank.  No amount of moving my
>       mouse of tapping keys will bring back the display.  (I'm writing 
>       this ssh'd in my via Ubuntu [KDE?].)
>       I noticed--via top--that the system was loaded at above 2.00 
>       while otherwise "idle"; I've killed off a bunch of processes but
>       cannot get the load below 1.00.   I'm running 7.0, on a
>       Dell-8200, 1G RAM.  
>       So:  any suggestions how to get my screen back? Has anybody seen
>       this before?  Why the heavy load:: any ideas?  And, is there any
>       way I can turn off screen blanking *completely*?  I almost always
>       turn off the display anyway if I'm gone for > 15-20 minutes.
>       thanks for any clues.  i hate to keep rebooting. ...
>       gary

        Finally found (possible) solutions on a usenet forums site:
        xset s off;
        xset -dpms;

        Then in /etc/X11.org, comment  the DPMS option, e.g.:

                #Option     "DPMS"

        See if this works.  
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