I have some serious issue. Sometimes something happens and my disk
usage performance find its limit quickly. I follow with gstat and
iostat -xw1, and everything usually happens just fine, with %b around
20 and 0 to 1 pending i/o request. Suddely I get 30, 40 pending
requests and %b is always on 100% (or more than this).

fstat and lsof gives me no hint, because the type of programs as well
as the amount of 'em is just the same.

How can I find the PID which is hammering my disk? Is there an "iotop"
or "disktop" tool or something alike?

Its a mail server. I have pop3, imap, I also have maildrop and
sometimes, httpd, working around the busiest mount point.

I have also started AUDIT, however all I can get are the top PIDs
which issue read/write requests. Not the requests which take longer to
perform (the busiest ones), or should I look for some special audit
class or event other than open, read and write?

Thank you in advance.

Eduardo Meyer
profissional: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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