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> Hello,
> I migrated to freensd-7.0-release and noticed that I can't switch
> to the virtual consoles by pressing Alt+Fx once I've started X !
> I guess the key combination has changed in the nre version of
> Xorg implemented in FreeBSD 7.0, so I took a look at the online
> handbook, but I haven't found anything about the new way to switch
> to the virtual consoles... Could anyone please point me at what do I miss?..

Well, this hasn't something to do with FreeBSD 7. From my own
experience, virtual console switching has always been the same
since 4.0 with XFree86.

When you're inside X, you need to add the Control key to the
key combination, e. g. Ctrl-Alt-PF1. So you leave X (on its
VT, usually PF9, see /etc/ttys) and get to the 1st virtual
console. As long as you're in text mode, you can switch
around with Alt+PF1 ... Alt+PF9 as you mentioned correctly.

The functions of Alt+PF1 ... Alt+PF12 inside X depends on the
window manager / desktop environment you're running, it can,
for example, be used to switch virtual desktops.

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