Carl wrote:
So how do I achieve per-slice journaling instead of per-partition?
The docs only says this: "gjournal only supports UFS2". It does not specifically say that you cannot have per-slice journaling. However, since you could have other filesystems on your slice, I bet that slice based journaling is not supported.

I thought I read somewhere that because gjournal is block based and not really part of the filesystem, that it could easily be extended for any other filesystem. My imagination said that gjournal was probably therefore only temporarily limited to a slice full of UFS partitions. Anyone know for sure?

gjournal needs to know what what data is actually metadata. In case of UFS the -J flag given to newfs tells system that using this fs we should mark metadata for gjournal use.

Another tricky question: why would you journal a SWAP partition?

Well, I don't really want to, but how big does a partition like /var have to be before it's no longer ill-advised to journal it individually? A fair bit of writing can occur in /var and the scenario my server will occupy has me concerned about inglorious shutdowns.

What are the actual reasons for why journaling a small partition is considered a bad idea?

Journal needs to bee big enough to amass all modifications. By default it's 1G. Just compare this to the size of your /var.

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