A personal attack early in your email, you didn't waste time.

Actually what 666 corresponds to in decimal or what it is in base 8 is irrelevant to 
If 666 was the most secure or insecure chmod number than I might think that had 
to do with it.  The point being the significance of the motivation for using it and I 
know of no 
special significance as opposed to another number except for the obvious connotation.


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> > More than the number, the issue for me is the motivation of why that number
> > was used. Why use one of the only three digit numbers that I know of that
> > is associated with evil to at least one belief?  See my point?
> Certainly.  Your point appears to be that you are too ignorant to know that 
> Unix mode bits are represented in octal, not decimal.
> [ "rw-rw-rw-" is 666 in base 8, which is 438 in decimal.  "666" in decimal 
> corresponds to Unix mode "--w--rx-wt", not that either one has any religious 
> connotations whatsoever.  It must be nice to not have any genuine or 
> substantive problems to deal with, if this actually matters to anyone.... ]
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