Chuck Swiger wrote:

More than the number, the issue for me is the motivation of why that number
was used. Why use one of the only three digit numbers that I know of that
is associated with evil to at least one belief? See my point?

Certainly. Your point appears to be that you are too ignorant to know that Unix mode bits are represented in octal, not decimal.

[ "rw-rw-rw-" is 666 in base 8, which is 438 in decimal. "666" in decimal corresponds to Unix mode "--w--rx-wt", not that either one has any religious connotations whatsoever. It must be nice to not have any genuine or substantive problems to deal with, if this actually matters to anyone.... ]

Please don't do this. This is off-topic and is a flame-war starting.

To the person that started this discussion, if you feel offended by the
use of 666 in an example, you should either email [EMAIL PROTECTED] to
bring it up, or file a PR asking it to be changed.  This is the wrong
list for this discussion.

To everyone else.  If the person who started this thread is not a troll,
he certainly posted a message that had the effect of trolling.  Please
don't feed.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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