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I'm using FreeBSD 6.2-p11 (yes, I've got to update). A couple days ago I
updated my ports tree and went to update kde 3.5.6. At first I did a portupgrade on the KDE meta-port but, ironically, the only thing that updated was the meta-port (I did a portupgrade -r too). I should also say that I first looked in /usr/ports/UPDATING and there weren't any particular instructions (that I could find) for updating KDE. I opened the file in vim and searched for "kde" and "KDE." On both searches, nothing regarding the specific update of 3.5.x to 4.x was mentioned.

I'm having some problems updating the kdebase package now (since the
meta-port didn't update the whole thing, I'm updating individually to 3.5.10). It's having some compile time issues, something about an identifier not existing in a particular namespace or some-such error, I've got to look into it further. However, since I'm going through this loathsome process anyway, would it be advisable to just do a "deinstall" of the kde system and cd to /usr/ports/x11/kde (I think that's where it is) and install 4.x (if that's even how to do it)? I would really prefer to run 4.x.

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The Handbook has been recently updated with instructions on installing /
running KDE4:


It is also possible to keep both versions installed (since KDE4 installs
in a different directory).

If you decide to go along this path, I would advise you to set your PATH
so that /usr/local/kde4/bin is before /usr/local/bin (when running KDE4). This will prevent inadvertently running kde3.x executables in 4.x.

There has been some discussion on the list concerning the usability of
KDE4. FWIW, it worked for me but I am not a KDE person anyway (and have only used 3.X a couple of times) and don't need most of the features of such a desktop. YMMV.

That is fantastic, thanks.

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