Christoph Kukulies schrieb:
Christoph Kukulies schrieb:
Hi Al,

thanks for pointing me to safe mode install. That I will probably try tomorrow. The day ended up in havoc: I tried to boot a floppy to do an ASUS BIOS upgrade and somehow messed with the power cable. A big flash occurred originating from the power supply. I opened the power supply, found a blown fuse, ran to the electronics store, bought a new fuse (+ one in reserve), inserted the fuse, tried the power supply, with connections off and a firework, prematurely - your presidential elections aren't finished yet - , developed in front of my face. Will continue tomorrow, when America has a new president.

Back at the problem: I chose 3. safe mode to no avail. Still get this

acd0: FAILURE - READ BIG MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x11 ascq=0x00
I now tried with a 7.0 BETA Boot CD (which I had laying around from possibly another fruitless attempt in the past to update that system from 5.1 or something to 7.x). Same picture. Hangs on this

acd0: FAILURE - READ BIG MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x21 ascq=0x00

(asc=0x21 at this time FWIW).

Please help me in getting FreeBSD onto this machine iin whatever way.

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