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> What irc, pop mail, and usenet clients from gmone or kde or x would
> you recommend to use on xfce?

My setup is a bit `unusual' for those who like holistic approaches to
the desktop, like GNOME and KDE, but I use GNU Emacs for email, news
and IRC (sometimes for web browsing too).

Gnus, running inside a separate Emacs instance, is a very good email &
news reader.  It supports MIME, PGP encryption, email filtering and
archival; it can connect through POP or IMAP; it supports authentication
methods like POP+SSL; it can read email from Unix mailboxes, MH-folders,
or Maildirs; it can fetch & cache email from multiple sources; it can
score Usenet messages with customizable rules, so you only have to read
what you prefer instead of everything, and so on...  The feature list is
just too huge to include here.

The ERC module (included in the latest Emacs 22.X releases) is a quite
flexible and nice IRC client.  It integrates well with the rest of
Emacs, so you get the full power of a magnificent editor in all your IRC
windows; it can connect to multiple servers; it can use Bitlbee as a
back-end for instant messaging; but most importantly it can be tuned,
customized and extended right there from within Emacs, like any other
Emacs Lisp application.

If you have used GNU Emacs and you feel comfortable working with it,
these two (Gnus and ERC) can probably be a very useful and powerful
combo.  More information about them (and many other Emacs modules) is
available online at the Emacs Wiki:



These two aren't exactly XFCE-specific, but I consider this a huge
advantage, instead of a short-coming :-)

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