I partitioned my Seagate 500 GB Sata drive under the FreeBSD 7.1 sysinstall (booted from the install CD while having the drive attached to USB on my notebook). When creating the filesystems I chose 472 G for the / partition (wanted to put everything into one partition - yeah, I know, one should

no - it's actually the best choice - one partition+swap, or no swap on modern machines with many GB RAM.

granulate this finer, but I didn' t want to bother right now). I got told that it could not create the slice
(too big? it said). Hmm, is there some limit on a FreeBSD slice size?

no idea. i don't use slices because my FreeBSD drives doesn't need to interoperate with DOS/Windoze.

i never use sysinstall too :), simply use disklabel without making slices, make partitions and go on.

my largest "drive" (gstripe) was 3TB, works fine with bsdlabel and UFS
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