I know someone who was able to accomplish something interesting using Orinoco
cards, a Cisco 350 AP, and a RADIUS server in the network. When a laptop
attempts to connect to the network through the wireless card, the RADIUS server
authenticates the network credetials and then passes a wep key using a
encrypted tunnel. This requires a server for the RADIUS authentication and
certificates on the machine to encrypt the original login username and
password. Also, the WEP keys are assigned by the network, are only valid for
the session, and are rehashed every minute or so.

I wasn't able to get too many details of this setup, but I'd like to know if
this makes sense to anyone, and more so, if any/all of this is
hardware-specific, which would mean having to purchase the Orinoco cards. I'd
want to accomplish something similar, however I want to have my FreeBSD box
serve as the access point. And I want it to be in infrastructure mode, not
ad-hoc, so I can't use the Orinoco cards for this.


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