Laszlo Nagy schrieb:

> I need to convert eps files into jpeg files in batch mode. Gimp works
> perfectly, except that I cannot use an X display. I tried eps2png with
> no success:
> %file test.eps
> test.eps: DOS EPS Binary File Postscript starts at byte 30 length 566887
> TIFF starts at byte 566917 length 4741
> %eps2png -jpg -width 1000 -verbose -output test.jpg test.eps
> Producing jpg (jpeg) image.
> Not EPS file: test.eps, skipped
> What port should I use to convert EPS into JPG? I would like to use a
> program that shares the same library with Gimp, because we know that
> Gimp works great for this task.

Take a look on GhostScript, a PostScript interpreter.


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