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Drew Tomlinson wrote:

Bottom line, what linux_base port should I install and do I need to set
this sysctl to something?  I'm confused...
If you have a recent 7-STABLE changing the linux kernel version to
2.6.16   and running -f8 should not be a problem.  If your running 6-*
or 7-RELEASE stick with linux base fc4.

Thank you for your reply. I am running 7.1-PRERELEASE. I plan to update to 7.1-RELEASE as soon as I can get to the console, probably within the next month or so. Is 7.1-PRERELEASE recent enough for -f8? It was built Oct. 9th. Is there any big advantage of -f8 over -fc4? I guess I just *feel* like -f8 would be more "updated" and less hassle in the long run. However I know that with software, newer isn't always better. :)



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