Da Rock wrote:
> I haven't checked the list for around a week- I'm still catching up! :)
> I'm trying to sort out a messenger server for work purposes, and
> although I've found a few I'm hoping some input from sysadmins who have
> deployed these might help our decision. I've found Gale, Jabberd2,
> OpenFire, and SJECS (Sun Java Communication Suite).
> Our requirements are for collaboration (multiple users simultaneous
> chatting together- with audio/video if possible), realtime audio/video
> (with a preference for audio; ergo video can go to the dogs to maintain
> audio quality, although a means to adjust this- on the fly if possible-
> would be useful), and chat.
> Tall order, eh? Ease of admin would be good, but my main concern is
> stability and reliability (I'll make up a software solution to
> administrate if needs be).
> Thanks guys.
I would avoid OpenFire, some pretty gnarly vulnerabilities were
announced today, and the vendor doesn't seem to be in a hurry to fix them.


Good luck!

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