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> > >> Is there a port like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for FreeBSD?
> > >> I would like to move to FreeBSD as soon as possible.
> > >
> > > You could try the gimp for manipulating bitmap images. For creating
> > > vector images, try either inkscape or xaralx. They're all in ports.
> >
> > i have a friend that do offset printing.
> >
> > he have to use windoze and photoshop for only one reason - gimp
> > doesn't support editing CMYK images
> If all else fails, one could try running the Windows versions of
> Photoshop and Illustrator under wine.

That has been known to work, but not without some serious hacking. One
major problem is the software needs administrative access, so you need
to copy the registry from a working windows to the wine system.

If you're up to it its ok, but you do have to wonder whether you really
want cross contamination :), or even whether you want to support a
company that stubbornly refuses to consider OSS as a system it will
build it software for.

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