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Eduardo Cerejo writes:
>  > I'm getting an "Invalid address" error trying to run Windows apps
>  > under WINE.  "wineconsole cmd" works OK though, and so does winefile.
>  > The error seems to only occur with apps that aren't supplied with
>  > WINE, eg.
>  > 
>  > C:\Program Files\Winamp>winamp.exe
>  > wine: could not load L"C:\\Program Files\\Winamp\\winamp.exe": Invalid 
> address
>  I'm getting the same error after portupgrading wine.  I haven't
>  found anything on it yet! 

        I have at least one non-Wine-supplied program that runs without
this problem under wine-
        Mind you, it complains of stuff I don't think it sed to complain
about ... but it runs.

                        Robert Huff

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