I have asked this before a couple of years ago but received no
replies. I assumed that's because it's a somewhat obscure question.
I'm still interested and thought I might try again in case someone
new is watching this list who might know.

A vmstat -z on my highest traffic server always shows the failures
as below on 128 Bucket. It also goes to having 0 free rather soon
after the system is restarted and never returns to having more than
1 free in that column and yet always has the highest number of
requests by far. Does this mean anything significant? Is it
something I should tune or even can be tuned?

Here is the output of the vmstat -z with everything chopped out
besides the 128 Bucket line. The machine it's on is an 8 core 8 GB
Tyan and shouldn't really be starved for anything in my way of thinking.

vmstat -z

128 Bucket: 1048, 0, 2043, 0, 13591, 6511069

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