Next question is are the xdm configuration files suppose to work as delivered by the port install AS IS?
As a default config demo?

Yes. When I said 'range', I did mean range. Not 2 possibilities. Missing libraries, tainted environment, typos, tied up resources, tight security settings, existing pid file, xdm not being xdm but an aliased command or shell script sooner up in the path - that's just from the top of my head.

I installed xorg as a package. Then installed xfce package. Made no config changes to xorg or the xdm config files. At this point i suspect the port of xorg as not being configured correctly. That the default xdm config files have statement error causing xdm not to function.

So the big question is has anybody installed the release 7.1 package version of xorg and was able to get xdm to function without any config file changes?
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