Hello everybody... Ive got these 2 problems with mozilla
(either 1.0.2 or 1.2.x and if i'm not mistaken older versions as well)

Problem 1:
Well, i use another pc to connect to the net, using dhclient.
If i'm connecte and i run mozilla, it starts fine...
Then i get disconnected, i quit mozilla, and if i'm to run it again i have to wait 3 
to 4 minutes
for it to run. I see my cpu-meter flashing for just a sec and then it starts using cpu 
again after
3 to 4 mins, which is when it finally starts the application..

Problem 2:
I am connected on he internet just fine, (downloading ports, etc etc.) but when i try 
to make an
http connection with mozilla, it hangs on the "Resolving host..." msg...
Then, after 3-4 minutes again it decides to proceed on the "Connecting.." and "Sending 

Any ideas??

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