Chris Maness wrote:
>> For this reason, I'd advise that either you leave the PC unplugged for
>> 10 minutes or so after you've cleaned it to let any residual moisture
>> dry, or purchase an inline water filter.

Should always put a drier on a compressor. You'll learn the hard way if you
invest in pneumatic tools; you will kill them if you don't.

> I ran
> into a couple of post stating that the Abit VP6 had issues with
> components that fail.  This seems to have happened.  The old 1U box I
> switched the hardrive to yesterday is working flawlessly.  However,
> this machine is a little on the underpowered side.

Without actually checking, if memory serves there were a number of products
from that time frame that used inferior electrolytic filter caps. You can
easily spot these by examining the top where there is metal showing through
in the center surrounded by the plastic wrapper. In the caps that fail the
plastic wrapper part will be swelled up and puffy looking, possibly even so
far as to have cracks with goo oozing out of them.

I have an Abit KD7A powering a small home development server that I've been
really lucky with, it just sits there and keeps on doing it's thing. But I
have a feeling you may have hit the bad cap problem with the VP6.


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