Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> I atually bought a small portable compressor (designed for running
> a nailgun, basically) for this purpose.  $80 at Harbor Freight for
> a new one, you can get them cheaper used.  The canned air is really
> expensive, you end up using a half a can on a PC.
> If you do the compressor, make sure you put a regulator on your
> blow gun: 80-120 psi of air coming out of a blowgun is capabable of
> blowing components off the circuit boards along with the dust.
> The compressor is also very useful for blowing out the air
> conditioner coils every year, as well as the refrigerator coils
> on the refrigerator.  Doing just this will pay for the compressor
> in a few years in energy savings.

The compressor suggestion is a great idea Ted.

I would like to point out that there is usually a considerable amount of
moisture that condenses as the air is being compressed into the tank.

For this reason, I'd advise that either you leave the PC unplugged for
10 minutes or so after you've cleaned it to let any residual moisture
dry, or purchase an inline water filter.

The compressor also makes it quite a bit more convenient for topping up
your vehicles tire air pressure (you know you don't do this regularly
enough ;)

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