On 2003-02-22 01:26, Tuc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > RELENG_4_7 - More current than _RELEASE, but only with critical
> > > updates.
> > What you describe, in slightly different words, is EXACTLY what
> > the tag RELENG_4_7 is :-)))
> I thought it was 4.7 with **ONLY** security and **ONLY** critical
> updates, NOT anything else.

That's exactly what it is.  It is a security branch[3].  No new
features are added to it.  Not even manpage updates.  The security
branches *only* receive absolutely minimal changes to fix any
problems related to security they might have.

> My impression was 4_7 was just those items, 4 was those plus other
> non-important and "things to get us to the next level."

No, that's RELENG_4.  The security branches[3] like RELENG_4_7 *only*
receive critical & security related fixes.  That's it.  Nothing more.
They are not the same as RELENG_4.

> So your telling me that if I CVSUP 4_7, I technically will get the
> same tree as 4 up until the day the uname banner changed to
> 4.8-PRERELEASE?  Thats not my impression of what 4_7 is.

I don't know what you mean by 4_7.  In fact, before this turns out a
very confusing thing for both of us, since you seem to mean different
things by saying "critical fixes" than I do, please, if you still feel
confused about tags their meaning and what the release process of
FreeBSD is, refer to the following documents:

[1] FreeBSD Release Engineering.

[2] The FreeBSD Handbook.  Staying STABLE with FreeBSD.

[3] FreeBSD Security Advisories

If, after reading these you still have questions about the meaning of
every tag, then it's a bug in the documentation and we should do
something about it :)

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