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Good day people,

I'm trying to get wireless Internet access for my laptop and to use this
wireless router as a switch  for my FreeBSD box at the same time. This
wireless router has one Internet plug and for Ethernet plugs for wired
boxes. Now I have this situation:

   ADSL router
wan : xx.xx.xx.xx                          FreeBSD box (wired)
lan :                          ip:
       |                 laptop            gateway:
       |                 (wireless)                |
  [internet plug]        ip:         |
 Wireless router         gateway:      |
 lan :  . . . . . :                    |
  [ethernet plug]                                  |
       |                                           |

The wireless router software configured the router like this:

Destination     LAN IP Subnet   Mask Gateway    Interface     WAN (Internet)     LAN & Wireless     WAN (Internet)

... so it works as a switch for two boxes and as a router at the same time.

The FreeBSD box is configured like this:

ifconfig_XXX0="inet netmask"

Now I have Internet connection on both computers. However, I can't get aMule
and other apps that need port forwarding working on FreeBSD box.

First, I tried to configure ADSL router ( just to forward 4662
port to, doesn't work.

Then, I tried this: router: forward 4662 to router: forward 4662 to

not working again.

I have a feeling that I'm missing something very simple, but can't figure
out what.

(A note: before I acquired a wireless router, forwarding with one router was
just working, with FreeBSD box configured as, so that side of
things is ok. And, no, it's not possible to use just wireless router because
I can't plug telephone wire in it.)

Can anyone help me? Should I post more details? TIA,

Port-forwarding through two NATs is something I've never had any success with. I have a few suggestions that have worked for me and my friends with this setup.

A) Disable NAT on the ADSL router. I think the term is "bridged mode". Turn it into a dumb box and shift all the NAT/firewall/routing responsibilities over to your wireless router. Depending on your ISP, the hardware, and the protocols involved, this may not be an option for you.

B) Disable NAT on the wireless router. This allows it to be a simple switch and wireless access point. The price is that you're probably relying on the DHCP server in the wireless router for your wireless devices and you'll have to disable the DHCP when you disable NAT. This creates new problems to be solved.

C) Plug the FreeBSD box into the ADSL router, skipping the wireless router. Your wireless devices will still be double-NATted, but if you're not running servers on them, you might be able to live with that.

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