Still it goes, the OP is trying to get away from MS-Win, not find some
non-MS clone

in EVERY such post i see exactly opposite. they want windoze clones!
they don't ask about how to learn unix, what to read, they didn't read even basic manuals, or if so - just glanced.

actually - there is a market niche for true non-microsoft windoze clone!
it's strange noone try to fill it. it's millions of $ to earn!

something working like windoze, running windoze .exe/.dll binaries and windows compatible installer but for example not requiring gig of RAM, powerful CPU running 10 times faster (not difficult to achieve) etc...

i remember many years ago installing linux first time (linux was quite good that time). i spent 2 months on it reading everything needed and learning BEFORE asking questions on mailing lists! because i knew nothing about unix at first.

I knew only DOS and windoze 95 before, DOS isn't an OS at all, but that is adventage too. but i needed something that made full use of my 25Mhz 486.

Windoze definitely wasn't good in it. it just wasted hardware resources giving nothing. that's why i tried to seek something different.
and found linux.. after some time NetBSD, then FreeBSD.

today - most of these wannabe-FreeBSD-users just don't want to pay for windoze. nothing else!
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