Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> I *do* want to see a discussion of the FreeBSD project's goals, as part
>> of the answer the OP's question about which platform to use instead of
>> Windows. The more people understand what FreeBSD's design goals are, the
>> better they'll be able to decide if it also meets their goals.
> they can read it on webpage.
>> Wojciech, you seem to be saying that accommodating "Windoze" users is
>> not and should not be a goal for FreeBSD.  I respect that opinion.  I
>> just want to know if it's shared by the project leaders.
> me to. it's important. i'd like to plan ahead. if their opinion is
> opposite, FreeBSD will turn into crap within 2-3 years as every other
> project. there are no exceptions to that rule.

I do not believe there needs to be an actual *effort* to accommodate
Windows users, there are other projects with that as one of their goals
which are doing quite well. If accommodating a Windows user is simply
allowing for a usable desktop system, then FreeBSD works fine. One man's
"crap" is another man's favorite operating system. I do think there does
*not* need to be effort to run off  Windows users who may consider
switching to FreeBSD. There is nothing wrong with them using FreeBSD,
and if they don't like it they can choose something else. It doesn't
matter if they have previous experience with a *nix operating system, if
they are able to figure it out then it is just as good as figuring out
something else.

I find it a bit disheartening that at least one side of this topic has
begun to resemble Scott Adams' Unix quote, which I do think is a
misrepresentation of the community as a whole.

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