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> the reason that they disabled by default on / is almost 
> certainly because the / is usually *small*, not large.

    thus spoke Terry Lambert in
    Message-ID: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

    : I believe the reason it's not "on" in sysinstall is that sysinstall
    : tries to mount things async on the initial install, so that doing
    : things like unpacking ports doesn't take forever.  If it fails, you
    : can just restart, and having to do that a couple of times is still
    : faster than waiting for ordered metadata.

    : The technical reason that it doesn't do it is that the mount update
    : is not logically an "unmount without destroying vnodes(inodes) in
    : core, with a remount with the new options".  The main reason for
    : that is that the dependencies go all the way to the buffer cache,
    : and the backing vnode (e.g. the "raw" device) that's mounted does
    : not necessarily get its buffers flushed.  Basically, you'd have to
    : put a little more work into the "mount update" code.

    : This was discussed a long time ago on -arch, when soft updates
    : first came into FreeBSD, and then again every 18 months or so,
    : ever after.  See Kirk's postings on the subject, if you don't
    : want to take mine for it.

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