I don't understand the dynamics but since the server running nmap had an IP
address listed in the scan range, any attempts to scan an IP address greater
than the address of the server running nmap resulted in this error.  I
worked around this by excluding the server address from the list.

HTH someone else someday.


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> I was trying to find web servers on my local network and used the
> nmap command:
> blacksheep# nmap -v -sT -p 80 '192.168.1.*'
> Things started out well but then I get the following error:
> sendto in send_ip_raw: sendto(4, packet, 28, 0,, 16) => Can't
> assign requested address
> Sleeping 15 seconds then retrying
> Any ideas on what's going on?  I'm trying to figure out what address I
> my wireless access point as it's administered via a web interface.
> Thanks,
> Drew

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