FreeBSD? i don't think so.

While I can see the point you are trying to make, and it's a valid
concern, I don't fully agree.

What you are essentially hinting at is that having a forum will attract
less experienced users.  I don't think less experienced people are, for
some reason, 'idiots', but it seems plausible enough that having a

there are difference between "less experienced" and "idiots".
the latter are less experienced and WANT TO keep it that way.

that's the difference.

_large_ number of inexperienced people may result in a significantly
lower signal/noise ratio.  I can definitely agree to that.

with 100:1 signal/noise ratio experienced people will start to leave the community. or sooner.

today we have at least 10:1

The web interface and ``editing in tiny boxes'' problem may be slightly

please note that webforums will attract only one kind of people.

those who are not just less experienced but so brainless that they can't even sent a subscribing mail to mailing list!!!!

they will not become experienced unix users ever.
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