On Mon, 17 Nov 2008 10:27:08 +0100 (CET), Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
>> _large_ number of inexperienced people may result in a significantly
>> lower signal/noise ratio.  I can definitely agree to that.
> with 100:1 signal/noise ratio experienced people will start to leave the
> community. or sooner.
> today we have at least 10:1

Let's not be too pessimistic, shall we? :D

>> The web interface and ``editing in tiny boxes'' problem may be slightly
> please note that webforums will attract only one kind of people.
> those who are not just less experienced but so brainless that they
> can't even sent a subscribing mail to mailing list!!!!
> they will not become experienced unix users ever.

We can help as much as we can, by subscribing and trying to keep the S:N
ratio high, or we can start whining forever about how everyone _else_
should spend their own time.  I think the later is not a good idea.

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