On Friday 14 November 2008 19:36, Martin McCormick wrote:
>       I inherited a mrtg application thatnow is running on a
> FreeBSD6.3 system. Clients report that one can see the php pages
> when using Internet Explorer but not other browsers that should
> display the pages. Those customers see raw code.
>       Any suggestion as to what I should be looking for?

Hi Martin

Bear in mind I'm answering off the top of my head, so you may need to do some 

I have a feeling that Internet Explorer ignores the Content-Type header from 
the server and displays what it thinks you should see. If the server is not 
configured with a MIME type for .php, the default with Apache is to send the 
pages with a MIME type of text/plain.

Internet Explorer will ignore this, interpret the page as HTML and display it, 
whereas almost every other browser will obey the server's instruction and 
therefore display the raw HTML as plain text without any interpretation.

Check whether Apache has an

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

line or similar in the config file.

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