> > > I also don't user Verizon for an ISP because they don't permit local 
> > > servers.
Not true at all.

> > > 
> > 
> > i'm guessing you're talking about the inconvenient way some Cable/DSL
> > ISPs block incoming connections on common server ports (25, 80)?
> Verizon DSL does not block port 25 in the NorthEast.  Port 80 appears
> blocked (Bah!), but they claim they don't block any ports.  I was told
> it could be the DSL modem (Westell Wirespeed A90-210015-D4), but as
> far as I can tell, it isn't configurable, and doesn't block ports
> anyway.  Odd thing is that the port 80 trace stops at the modem.  I've
> never been able to figure this out.
I am also a Verizon DSL customer. They have given me a similar model
of the wirespeed dsl access point. They gave me a "Westell Inc" 
"A90-210015-04" and do not block any ports period.

> Next month, Comcast (formerly AT&T Broadband (formerly MediaOne
> Broadband)) is supposed to turn on the digital upgrades in my area, so
> I'm probably going to switch over.
> Oh, and BTW, other than port 80, Verizon DSL/PPP works great with
> FreeBSD.
They dont block 80 on my box, allthough that might be a config setting
not set in my area.


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