cpghost wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 09:04:28AM -0700, Brad Davis wrote:
>> You can register and start using our new service here:
>> http://forums.FreeBSD.org
> How about setting up a bidirectional Forum <-> Mailing List bridge?
> Perhaps to freebsd-questions@ or (not as good) to a special new list,
> Ideally, freebsd-questions@ could be bidirectionally mirrored
> to the forums, so we won't lose all those helpful people from
> freebsd-questions@ to the forums!
> Another advantage is that each of us subscribers could still
> automatically get a copy of posts, so we can archive them locally,
> as we do now with the mailing lists.
> Please give it a thought.
> Thanks,
> -cpghost.
I think this would likely cause a riot, at least with freebsd-questions.
I think it is a better idea to leave them separate. A few things like
resolving categories alone could end up being a problem. Do you not
allow people to start new threads? If you do, where do they end up on
the forum?

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