I have read briefly on FreeBSD and it seems to be the winner on speed and
stability versus Linux and of course MS Windows.
I have just experienced 2 days of never ending problems with a Sony laptop
and Windows XP, which cannot run Norton 360 virus nor AVG.
They need an XP 2.0 update which I downloaded, but it then refused to
install. Even the Symantec CHAT and remote control of my PC couldn't get it
working. I am about ready to wish unimaginable woe upon Microsoft...

Anyway, how about you plus Google cash, and others (?), putting a simple
easy partition of MS hard  disks and FreeBSD install with a nice GUI. And
getting Google to distribute it to the World. My question is, how much
hardware can you produce drivers for. Presumbably Apple Mac OSX have most of
the hardware drivers, so can you??

I hope to hear from you.

Stephen Jackson
BuySellFree Ltd
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