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>> This is nonsense. The Windows interface itself is quite limited and not
>> very powerful.
> as KDE and Gnome and others.

GUI's (and operating systems) should be evaluated by user type.  For many,
the command line is limiting.  For others, it is limitless.

>  when Win/95 came out being an OS/2 user at that time. From what I have
>> read even the user interface of Mac OS X is much better that Windows
>> although they have a much smaller market share.
> so why it have a much smaller market share?

This is a big question that goes down many roads, including monopolistic
practices, effective marketing and the fact that Apple controls both their
OS and hardware, which made it less competitive for many years.  "Better"
does not always mean success in the marketplace. One of the best examples of
this is OS/2.  When I first started learning about Linux (FreeBSD came
later), I read many messages from older IT veterans that if OS/2 had
succeeded, they would have no need for Linux.

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