In the last episode (Nov 18), Vijayalakshmi BN said:
> I'm working on Solaris 9 and using gcc version 2.9.5. I'm facing
> issues with respect to memory misalignment. I'm getting SIGBUS
> errors. Through various websites, I found that xmemalign can be used
> while compiling to handle memory alignment issues. Bu the version I'm
> using doesn't support xmemalign option. Even gcc version 3.4.3
> doesn't support. It says: gcc: language memalign=1i not recognized
> Can you let me know which version of gcc supports xmemalign option on
> solaris? Also where can I download the gcc version from?

-xmemalign=ab is a Sun Studio compiler flag, not a GCC flag.  If you
don't already have it, you can download it free from .  If for some reason you must use
a GCC frontend, you can try GCC for Sparc Systems ( ), which supports all the regular
GCC flags plus many Sun Studio ones, including xmemalign:

But as Mel said, this has nothing to do with FreeBSD, so this post
doesn't exist.

        Dan Nelson
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