I've been trying to keep generally aware of where things are with the
attempts to port and develop BSD-licensed text processing utilities for


Apparently, the Google Summer of Code project that tackled the problem
met with some success, notably in the area of grep porting and
development, as noted on this year's GSOC notifications page:


That page contains the following note:

  If we can accept the regex differencies in grep, it is ready to enter
  SVN after some thorough testing.

Where can I find discussion, or at least updates, on the status of
projects like this?  Considering its completeness, and the fact that it
has been declared ready for inclusion in the base system, I think this is
a topic that might deserve some attention, and it certainly piques my

I'm similarly interested in other matters such as the license auditing
infrastructure project (also mentioned on the GSOC page).  If there's a
mailing list appropriate to this sort of thing, whether for discussion,
development, or just progress announcements, I haven't been able to find

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