On 02/22/03 08:19 PM, Cliff Sarginson sat at the `puter and typed:
> On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 01:40:47PM -0500, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
> > On 02/22/03 07:03 PM, Cliff Sarginson sat at the `puter and typed:
> > > Hi,
> > > Well I can telnet to port 80 on your domain, but it times out in a
> > > browser.
> > > I don't get any greeting on the telnet, so...it's open, but nothing is 
> > > responding to it .. (no web server I mean).
> > 
> > Thanks for trying.  I've done this myself in the past, and it never
> > works.
> > 
> > I even eliminated the virtual hosts and all the creative stuff, and
> > nothing changed.
> Frustrating huh ?
Oh, yeah.

> I would be tempted to momentarily lift any firewall you have, to make
> sure something has not got twisted up in the rules, or changes made to
> the O/S or get something else listening on port 80,

The moment I lifted the firewall, all my connections to the external
system died.  I should try remembering this, since I do something
similar every now and again.  Unfortunately, when I kill the firewall
rules, I have no NAT translation to get a VPN connection back from my Windoze
box to the system at work.  Bah.

I did notice one interesting thing.  When I reconfigured Apache to
listen on port 8080, it worked fine.  What I only just realized, is
that I never put a rule in the firewall to explicitly open port 8080.

The rule used for port 80 is as follows:
${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to any 80 setup

> netcat or something like that (I think it goes under the name nc in
> FreeBSD). Put your web-server on another port 8080, for example. Is it a
> proxy problem ? I guess you have run through all these possibilities...
> Well, good luck..you can always ask me if there is no external tester to
> hand, I work at home mostly, so it's no sweat to me..on a fixed price
> 24/7 ADSL link..so no expenses involved :)

Thanks.  I appreciate that.  I'll read a couple more things and see
what happens, but I'm getting pretty close to my tolerance for now.

It was suggested that port 80 really is being blocked by the ISP, but
who knows.  They say they don't do it.  I'm not inclined to wait on
the phone for an hour to argue with them over it right now, either.

When Comcast finally starts calling to sell broadband in this area,
I'll be sure to pound on them about this.

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