Mel wrote:
On Wednesday 19 November 2008 16:05:33 Mel wrote:
On Wednesday 19 November 2008 15:43:27 Drew Tomlinson wrote:
Thanks for the explanation!  As pointed out by Pieter de Goeje, the
default size in FBSD 7 amd 64 is 32 GB, confirmed with the limits
command above.  Thus datasize does not appear to be my problem.  I'm
shooting in the dark here as Urchin software support is non-existent.
Are there any other tuneables related to datasize that I might try
If the soft limit is set to 'unlimitied' for the user running the program,
then it is not a datasize problem. You may simply be out of memory. Can you
track using top(1) how far the software gets and what the memory usage is
at around the time it crashes?

But of course, if this binary runs in 32-bit mode, this applies:
compat.ia32.maxdsiz: 536870912

I'll bet this is it!!!  Thanks.  I'll check it out.


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