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The Urchin installation docs [...]
contain a note for FreeBSD users waring of a "hard coded process
datasiz limit of 500 MB" and instruct on to set
"kern.maxdsiz="1073741824"" in /boot/loader.conf.  However FBSD 7.1
doesn't appear to have this sysctl.  How can I do the equivalent of
this in FBSD 7.1?
Exactly, it is *not* a sysctl setting. It's a loader tunable, as
I learned from this list some time ago. Don't search to find
it in the sysctl list, you won't find it there. :-)

In FreeBSD 7 you should be able to set this setting using
the file /boot/loader.conf. I think I had this setting on a
FreeBSD 5 machine, I'll go and check.
Thanks for your reply.  I guess I expected to be able to view it via
sysctl even though I understood it could only be changed with a reboot.
Is there some way to view the current setting?
Through sysctl.
OK, what am I missing?

urchin# sysctl -a | grep maxdsiz
compat.ia32.maxdsiz: 536870912
compat.linux32.maxdsiz: 536870912
limits -H. Some loader tuneables aren't exported to sysctl.

$ limits -Hd
Resource limits (current):
  datasize           786432 kB

$ grep maxdsiz /boot/loader.conf
Thanks for the explanation! As pointed out by Pieter de Goeje, the default size in FBSD 7 amd 64 is 32 GB, confirmed with the limits command above. Thus datasize does not appear to be my problem. I'm shooting in the dark here as Urchin software support is non-existent. Are there any other tuneables related to datasize that I might try increasing?

It would help greatly if you could explain what the problem is that
you're trying to track down?

I understand I'm asking for "magic". I do not know the problem. My employer's Internet group purchased a software called "Urchin" which appears to be a standalone version of Google Analytics for web site reporting. I have been tasked with installing this software. Supported OSs are Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. I chose FreeBSD 7 as I've been using it for my home network for years. However I will be the first to admit that I do not really understand the internals. I am just grateful that others that do understand have provided and support this OS for me. :)

The Urchin software reports a "failed to allocate memory" error. The sparse Urchin documentation noted above says this error is a known issue with FreeBSD and that kern.maxdsiz needs to be set at 1 GB to avoid. Because of help from the list, I learned that the default size in 64 bit FBSD is 32 GB. Thus I didn't think this is my issue and was seeking any ideas of what else to look at that might be similar. Mel gave me a great nudge that if Urchin is a 32 bit binary (which it is), then it is limited by compat.ia32.maxdsiz which is 500 MB by default. I have set this to 1GB and so far, there have not been any further memory errors.

Many thanks to everyone for his/her help!



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