Now I'm curious about snmp, so perhaps I'll try to figure out how to get it to something useful. This machine has 8 hard drives, and is located in Manhattan, so I would certainly like to be informed if one of the raid drives went on the blink. That was one of the things he was trying to get

Net-SNMP won't give you the status of the RAID. Neither will bsnmpd (10.
FreeBSD simply does not have the hooks to make this possible.  Someone
needs to write the code.  I do not recommend relying on shell scripts
tied into Net-SNMP to accomplish this either (for a lot of very good
reasons); write the code in native C.

It also greatly depends on what you're using for RAID.  If a hardware
controller, good luck getting the status out of an API natively (sans
Areca, which I believe offers an API) -- you'll resort to shell scripts
and CLI binaries, in which case you're *easily* better off with a
cronjob, periodic(8), or a log monitor daemon.

This machine has an Intel motherboard and a hardware raid controller. From what I can tell, there is some Intel software installed on the machine that makes hardware faults visible to snmp.

That last sentence makes it sound like I know more than I do about this situation. I'm just reading from notes. :-)

And I have an Intel disk that came with the motherboard that hints at the same type of thing. I've just scanned the docs on the disk... looks extraordinarily complicated.

I think I'll leave this to a rainy day when I have nothing to do (ha!)

-- John

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