On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 03:47:05PM -0500, John Almberg wrote:
>>> The card in the box is a
>>> Intel 18E PCI-Express x8 SAS/SATA2 Hardware ROMB RAID with 128MB  
>>> Memory
>>> Module and 72 Hour Battery Backup Cache
>>> $625 as shown on the packing list, so I hope it's a good one.
>> Ah, I think it's hardware RAID, and PCIe to boot.  Yes, I would
>> recommend keeping that!  What does it show up as under FreeBSD?  I'm
>> curious what driver it uses, and what your disks show up as (daX or  
>> adX;
>> probably daX).
> H'mmm... You are revealing great gaps in my knowledge today, Jeremy. Not 
> that that's hard to do...
> I've been looking in dmesg.boot and fstab for clues... Not sure if that 
> is where I should be looking, but I figured there would be mount  
> messages in dmsg.boot. Unfortunately, there is a whole bunch of stuff in 
> there I have no clue about. Fascinating reading, though!
> Does mf0/mf1 sound correct?
> If not, how would I find the driver info? Typical line in fstab:
> /dev/mfid0s1a           /               ufs     rw              1       1

That's mfi(4), which is kinda "its own thing" (neither daX nor adX).
Still perfectly usable/decent, and Scott Long (as I call him, "famous
SCSI guy" ;-) ) wrote the driver, so support for it should be available.

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