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> Greg Larkin wrote:
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>> Fbsd1 wrote:
>>> On the developers website there is a patch i want to apply
>>> http://developer.berlios.de/patch/?func=detailpatch&patch_id=2283&group_id=2663
>>> [ Patch #2283 ] Add a variable to run shutdown commands without root
>>> pass.
>>> How can i get "make install" to apply this patch while compiling the
>>> port?
>> Hi Fbsd1,
>> Since you've already found a unified diff of the change that you want to
>> incorporate into the port, you can submit a PR (problem report) using
>> the form here: http://www.freebsd.org/send-pr.html.
>> Just follow the instructions on that page, and your patch will be
>> submitted to the PR system.  The port maintainer reviews your PR, makes
>> the necessary change and possibly updates the port's revision number.
>> You then use portupgrade or some other means to install the new version
>> of the port with the incorporated patch.
>> Hope that helps,
>> Greg
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>> Greg Larkin
> I submitted PR like you suggested, But i am in need of more immediate
> results. What changes to the port files do i need to make to get the
> port to complie in the patch file?

You should read the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook [1].  In particular,
you'll probably be interested in section 4.4, "Patching" [2].


Benjamin Lee

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