all the input from various users I assume zfs would be the file system of
choice for such large volumes?

Are there limitations or downsides using UFS on such a large volume?

no, unless you will create it with default options.

use -i big-power-of-two simply to have enough inodes for your files, but not 100 times too much. too much inodes=more wasted space AND VERY SLOW FSCK

use -b 32768 or 65536 depending of your file's average size.

-b 16384 will work too, but again fsck may be long.

of course turn on softupdates.

UFS performs excellent on large drives/volumes. not in theory but in practice, i use it every place, on volumes up to 3GB


Also are there any tools for recovery off ZFS volumes? Accidental delete/format/corruption...?
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