I wrote:

>>ln -s mdmfs /sbin/mount_mfs
>Yes, that's a workaround I had in mind.
>I can't see any problem there, if the mdmfs program is compatible
>with mount_mfs.  I mean, the manpage even explicitly says, "the mdmfs

Ok, mdmfs is not fully compatible with mount_mfs, since you don't
specify a swap device as parameter but, for example, /dev/md0.
Other than that it seems to work ok, when called as mount_mfs via
fstab (thru a symlink).  I now have the following line in fstab:

/dev/md0 /tmp mfs rw,nosuid,nodev,nosymfollow,-s256m 0 0

Is there any reason that softupdates is enabled on the md filesystem
by default?  Wouldn't async do the trick aswell?

Matthias Buelow

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