At 02:05 PM 11/20/2008, Chris Pratt wrote:

On Nov 20, 2008, at 7:21 AM, David Horn wrote:

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 7:07 AM, Derek Ragona

No error message, it just stopped writing at 1 Gb.  I was doing
this using

Whoa, hopefully you just made a few typos here, or we are going down
the wrong path of investigation.

Did you really mean to say scp or cp ?
     scp(1)                   - secure copy (remote file copy
     cp(1)                    - copy files

What ssh version is running on both of these "other" systems ?
What OS are both of these other systems ?

So it looks to me like there is some issue with the scp that is
FreeBSD i386 7.

As per my previous message, I still suggest running single variable
tests to make sure that you know what is causing the failure, but if
you just want to jump to a possible solution, you can try updating ssh
to the latest in the ports tree (5.0p1).

If you have the FreeBSD ports collection installed and updated using
portsnap(8) or csup(1) , just do:

cd /usr/ports/security/openssh-portable
make install

Otherwise, install / update your ports collection using portsnap(8)
(fetch update or fetch extract) first, then install openssh-portable.

Good Luck.


I apologize in advance if this has nothing to do with this. I'd ignored
this thread completely since it had "SMB" in the subject. Today I
noticed the comments shown above that it was apparently actually
related to ssh (scp). The fired a synapse of a recent session failure
I was having after updating a server to 7.0 that normally accrues
about a gig of changes a day. My backup server was running 5.5
and rsyncing the diffs each day. After the upgrade of the application
server, the 5.5 client began to hang it's rsync session every day. I
the 5.5 server to 7.0 (which OBTW replaced the ssh suite) and the
problem disappeared. I didn't see in the thread what the actual ssh
client OS or rev was but perhaps the client is downrev and there is an
issue there. I did no research to figure out why, having my backup
server so far downrevved made it's upgrade my first potshot and it


Thanks for the additional input. I am going to try updating openssh from the ports as this appears to be an issue with scp.


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