Jonathan McKeown wrote:
On Friday 21 November 2008 12:49:16 pwn wrote:
algouth this is not a freebsd specific text, i need to format some texts
under freebsd for they appear in the center of the page when opened in a
browser, but i dont want to use HTML for format them, i just want to add
tabulation to my *.txt.
what software/tool can i use for format my *.txt? there is command on
VIM like "set textwidth" but this is not suitable for me. any help i
i add an example on a temporary host for make sure all understand.
(i need to format the text for he appear like the example good.txt)

You seem to be fighting against your tools rather than working with them - the browser will strip out your whitespace and reflow your text anyway unless you prevent it somehow (<pre> tags?) so you might be better off just using HTML/CSS to control the format.

However, you could look at various tools for processing text, depending exactly what you're trying to do: the manpages for fmt, groff, and pr might all offer some ideas.


yes, i want that the text appears displayed such as manpages like, how can i accomplish this task?

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