On Sat, 22 Nov 2008, Glen Barber wrote:

The PC with WMware is connect to internet. Should one configure
Ethernet then. If yes, what static IP parameters must one enter??

This would be contingent on how you have networking set up.  Do you
have NAT or Bridged only?  If NAT, use rc.conf with the inet address
of your choice and the netmask for your NAT.

My PC is connected to Internet using an ADSL modem to connect to an ISP.
It uses IP 10.0.0.somevalue, netmask, no gateway specified
and two DNS server IP addresses which my ISP asked to use.

Is this 'NAT' or 'Bridged'.

Can I enter values and then what values, for host, domain, IPV4 gateway, Name server, IPV4 address, netmask in the screen presented during FreeBSD install or should i use Cancel in that screen and make changes in system files (and what changes in what system files)?

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