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I am Daniel and I am currently a volunteer for a not for profit charity called PC's For Kids which provides an educational assistance program for the less fortunate. The charity website is www.pcsforkids.com.au

The charity currently contains 2 sites which are the main charity site and a shop front site. The shop front tries to make enough income to support the charity and cover daily operating costs.

Currently I am looking at a 256k ADSL connection which will be installed at the main charity site and a 56K modem will be installed so the shop front will be dialing in to the main site to provide internet access.

What i need to know is how easy would it be to set up FreeBSD as a server to proved both the connection to the internet, internet to lan users as well as being a dial in server so the shop site can connect in to use the internet and possible backup files to the server.

Easy is a relative term. I think it would be very easy ... then again, I've done it before.

I am spent some time using unix/solaris but most of it has been follow the bouncing ball or locating answers of websites.

I think that between the FreeBSD hanbook, and articles at various websites (especially FreeBSD Diary) you should be able to accomplish what you want with few hiccups. Don't promise any deployment dates if this is the first time you've done this, though. Take some time to test and make sure it works as you want.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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